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“Niels Uni Dam”: MonkeyRat’s Funky Tribute to a Digital Hero

By allenpetersonreviews May26,2024

MonkeyRat, the dynamic duo of Anna Iachino and Arnold Ludvig, is back with a new release that once again showcases their eclectic musical style and creative storytelling. Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, and the Faroe Islands, respectively, Anna and Arnold have crafted a unique sound that blends elements of funk, R&B, pop, and disco, and their latest single, “Niels Uni Dam,” is a testament to their artistic versatility and playful spirit. 

Founded in 2006 in the Faroe Islands, MonkeyRat initially formed in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the addition of award-winning guitarist Alain Apaloo from Togo and superb Danish drummer Jens Stoklund. Their debut album, “Fuck the Jante Law,” was released in 2010, followed by “Sunshine” in 2012. Over the years, they have continued to experiment with different genres, releasing a series of singles and collaborations that have received international acclaim. 

“Niels Uni Dam,” released on April 25, 2024, is a funky, groove-filled track that immediately grabs your attention with its catchy chorus and playful lyrics. The song is a tribute to Niels Uni Dam, an unsung hero of the Open Mic/Open Stage nights, whose lightning-fast efficiency has made him a beloved figure in the vibrant cultural heart of Tórshavn. The track is a clever nod to Niels’ digital prowess, with lyrics that celebrate his ability to fix website glitches and provide solutions with just “one click.” 

The song’s infectious R&B pop rhythms are infused with the vibrant energy of disco and the driving pulse of dance, creating a sound that’s both nostalgic and fresh. Anna’s witty lyrical delivery, paired with Arnold’s groovy instrumental arrangements, makes “Niels Uni Dam” a standout track guaranteed to get listeners moving. The humorous refrain “Who gives a damn?” playfully nods to Niels’ last name and highlights the frustration he alleviates with his expertise. The song is a testament to his dedication and efficiency, capturing the joy and relief he brings to those around him.

MonkeyRat doesn’t just deliver a song with “Niels Uni Dam”; they create an immersive experience. The accompanying music video and the Instagram dance reel by Slash Music from L.A., which garnered over 29,000 views, add to the track’s appeal. The video showcases MonkeyRat’s artistic dynamism and their ability to fuse different performance elements, making it a visual and auditory delight. 

In summary, “Niels Uni Dam” is a celebration of the quiet heroes who keep the wheels turning with their quick fixes and problem-solving skills. MonkeyRat has once again proven their ability to blend humor, storytelling, and infectious rhythms into a track that’s both entertaining and meaningful. This latest release is a must-listen for fans of funk, R&B, and dance music, and it solidifies MonkeyRat’s place as a band that continues to push creative boundaries.

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