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Navarone Garibaldi, Priscilla Presley’s Son, Opens Up About His Battle with Fentanyl Addiction: “My Mother Supported Me When I Was Struggling”

By allenpetersonreviews Jan1,2024

Navarone Garibaldi, the son of Priscilla Presley, has candidly discussed his harrowing battle with a debilitating fentanyl addiction, emphasizing his mother’s pivotal role in his recovery journey. Garibaldi detailed the depths of his addiction, revealing an alarming expenditure of $3,000 (£2,350) monthly on fentanyl, a substance substantially more potent than heroin. His inadvertent initiation into this dangerous dependency occurred when the drug was laced with other substances he consumed recreationally. “The intensity and frequency of fentanyl consumption became a relentless cycle,” he shared with The Sun, highlighting its fleeting effects that demanded consumption every 45 minutes to stave off debilitating withdrawal symptoms.

Expressing gratitude for his mother’s unwavering support during his darkest times, Garibaldi admitted, “My mom became my anchor during those tumultuous moments when I felt utterly incapacitated.” The specter of addiction has tragically shadowed the Presley family previously. The devastating loss of Ben Keough in 2020, the grandson of Priscilla and son of Lisa Marie, underscored the family’s struggles with substance abuse. Similarly, Elvis Presley’s demise in 1977 revealed a concerning cocktail of 14 different drugs in his system.

Further complexities arose within the family after Lisa Marie Presley’s passing in 2023, with the subsequent discovery of opioids in her system. This revelation further complicated matters as legal disputes emerged surrounding Lisa Marie’s will, with Priscilla Presley contesting alterations made in 2016 that excluded her and another trustee.

Recent legal developments have seen steps toward resolution, including a finalized settlement between Priscilla and Riley Keough, allowing Priscilla the eventual privilege of resting near Elvis Presley’s final resting place at Graceland, with Garibaldi’s involvement in the commemorative proceedings assured.

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