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Myah’s “Notice You”: A Power Pop Anthem for Your Summer Crush

By allenpetersonreviews Jun6,2024

South Florida’s Myah breaks free from geographical constraints with her sound. Drawing on the raw energy of Modest Mouse and the catchy hooks of Twenty One Pilots, she throws in a dash of Sylvan Esso’s electro-pop for a sound that’s both familiar and refreshingly edgy. This unique blend takes center stage in her latest single, “Notice You,” a track that’s like a sonic postcard straight out of the 2010s.

“Notice You” is pure summer sunshine. The midwest emo-inspired guitar riffs instantly transport you back to a simpler time, a deliberate choice by Myah herself, who aimed to capture “when things were just a bit simpler and a bit sweeter.” Produced by Brian Squillace, the song is a tapestry of sound: powerful drums lay the foundation, soaring guitars provide the muscle, and subtle keyboard flourishes add a touch of whimsy. It’s a controlled explosion waiting to happen, but ultimately embraces an indie and alt-pop elegance that makes it undeniably catchy.

The melody burrows itself into your brain from the first listen, wrapping you in a warm embrace. But the true star of the show is Myah’s voice. It’s vulnerable and genuine, like she’s whispering her secret crush into your ear with a nervous yet hopeful smile.

Lyrically, “Notice You” paints a picture with words. We’re transported to a crowded room, the electric tension crackling in the air. Myah’s eyes scan the throng, searching for a specific someone. The repeated line, “Are you noticing me like I notice you?” perfectly encapsulates the uncertainty and yearning that plague anyone who’s ever had a crush. Social niceties fade away as Myah fixates on this deeper desire, a connection that transcends small talk.

The song throbs with the rhythm of unspoken attraction. Lines like “I see you looking at me; I know you want it to” pulsate with playful confidence, hinting at a longing for reciprocation. There’s a desire to break free from the social charade and acknowledge the undeniable spark. The lyric “You and I aren’t supposed to pretend” underscores this sentiment, suggesting a yearning to shed societal expectations and embrace the raw energy of the connection.

The final verse takes a playful turn, shifting the imagery to a more intimate setting. The dimmed lights and unspoken desires hint at a growing physical attraction. A touch of youthful competitiveness emerges with the question, “Is it yours or mine?” This lyric injects a dose of youthful energy, capturing the thrill of the chase and the anticipation of who will make the first move.

“Notice You” is more than just a catchy summer anthem; it’s a relatable story for anyone who’s ever felt the exhilarating confusion of a budding romance. It perfectly captures the stolen glances, the uncertainty of unspoken feelings, and the courage it takes to pursue a connection. The infectious melody and relatable lyrics make this song a summer soundtrack staple, encouraging listeners to embrace the spark of attraction and take a chance on love.

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