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My Satellite Grooves Through Denial with a Funky Summer Anthem

By allenpetersonreviews May21,2024

Hailing from the vibrant streets of Los Angeles, My Satellite takes center stage with their captivating new single, “Denial.” This genre-bending band isn’t afraid to push boundaries, weaving ethereal psychedelia with raw indie rock energy to create a sound that’s fresh and electrifying. Their musical journey began in 2009 with frontman Bryan Stage’s solo project, “Telescopes.” Over time, “Telescopes” transformed into the full-fledged band we know today, captivating audiences with their introspective lyrics and mesmerizing soundscapes.

“Denial” explodes onto the scene as a funky, psychedelic, indie pop anthem. An irresistible rhythm section and an infectiously catchy melody make it a guaranteed dancefloor hit. Drawing inspiration from the groove-laden funk of the 70s, the song seamlessly blends these influences with the synth-pop sensibilities of the 80s, all wrapped up with a touch of contemporary indie swagger. But beneath the undeniably danceable summer vibes lies a deeper exploration of the challenges we all face in navigating relationships.

The song opens with a facade of optimism. The narrator downplays a recent disagreement, trying to maintain a sense of normalcy. However, cracks in this facade quickly reveal a yearning for reconciliation. The narrator grapples with regret, acknowledging their own negativity and its damaging impact on the connection. Despite the tension, there’s a fervent desire to mend things. The narrator offers unwavering commitment and the belief that together they can overcome any obstacle. However, a powerful undercurrent of denial runs throughout. Trouble is acknowledged, but only as a distant threat, not an issue demanding immediate attention.

“Denial” thrives on this push and pull between hope and the need to confront problems. The narrator seeks solace in a temporary escape, perhaps a desire to smooth things over before addressing the core issues. The song doesn’t offer easy answers. It leaves the listener pondering: can we bridge the gap in our relationships, or is our optimism simply a way to delay the inevitable? Ultimately, “Denial” captures the complex emotions that arise when love (or any form of connection) and the need to confront issues collide. This lingering question about the fate of the relationship is a testament to My Satellite’s ability to create music that’s both danceable and thought-provoking. “Denial” solidifies My Satellite’s status as a rising star in the indie rock constellation, leaving a lasting mark on the Los Angeles music scene.

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