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“Midi Kittyy’s ‘Ignis (Future House Remix)’: A Fiery Journey of Redemption

By allenpetersonreviews Jan5,2024

Eliza Andrews, the electronic music luminary known by her stage persona Midi Kittyy, emerges as a radiant star in the pulsating cosmos of electronic soundscapes. With over a decade of luminous performances gracing clubs and festivals across the US and Europe, her artistry has been refined to celestial perfection. Yet, what truly distinguishes Midi Kittyy is her unwavering commitment to inclusivity and diversity, a resounding refrain that reverberates not only within her music but also in her profound message.

Midi Kittyy’s odyssey through the realms of music commenced amidst the hallowed halls of the illustrious Berklee College of Music, where her focus on electronic music production was akin to forging a cosmic connection. Her visionary quest seeks to weave robust lyrics and original melodies into the tapestry of traditional electronic music, demolishing boundaries, nurturing empathy, and fearlessly confronting preconceptions.

Her latest opus, “Ignis (Future House Remix),” stands as an opulent testament to her boundless innovation and creative prowess. Originally conceived during the enigmatic cocoon of the COVID-19 pandemic’s lockdown, “Ignis” is an expedition into the depths of entrapment and isolation. This future house remix breathes new vitality into this already mesmerizing composition, infusing it with an infectious rhythm and a danceable pulse that sets souls ablaze. The remix transcends the confines of electronic music, merging hauntingly poetic verses with an electrifying future house ambiance. This harmonious journey sparks the soul’s incandescence and beckons us to traverse a landscape of redemption, reconciliation with our past missteps, and an ardent yearning for a pristine dawn.

Within the lyrical tapestry, we witness Midi Kittyy setting fire to memories she believed to be lost, a cleansing ritual for the soul. Yet, the embers of the past linger, haunting like an unyielding tempest, with the night offering no solace, only the haunting echoes of smoke—an evocative portrayal of carrying the weight of one’s history. The chorus arises as a heartfelt plea for intimacy, despite the looming fear that all may turn to dust with a single touch. Midi Kittyy finds solace in the prospect of connection, a yearning that transcends fragility, a profound longing for solace amidst the ruins of yesteryear.

The second verse plumbs the depths of Kitty’s inner turmoil, recognizing the potential toxicity of her affections. Despite the forewarnings, she wrestles with the prospect of shattering someone’s heart, a poignant reflection on the intricate facets of love and its burdens. The bridge emerges as a pivotal juncture in the narrative, where Midi Kittyy awaits the promise of a dawn that heralds transformation. She yearns for a day when the weight of her transgressions will no longer smother her—a candid admission of fallibility and remorse.

The final chorus radiates hope and resolute determination. Midi Kittyy longs for the day when circumstances will be altered, embracing the gravity of her past mistakes while steadfastly refusing to be defined by them. It’s a testament to the enduring resilience of the human spirit and an affirmation of the insatiable quest for redemption. “Ignis (Future House Remix)” embarks on a profound odyssey through the multifaceted human experience, exploring themes of remorse, longing, and the relentless pursuit of redemption, all against the backdrop of an electrifying future house symphony. The poetically haunting lyrics, entwined with the infectious beat, metamorphose into a sonic masterpiece that resonates deeply with anyone who has borne the weight of their past.

Midi Kittyy’s capacity to seamlessly meld introspective verses with an irresistible groove stands as a testament to her artistic prowess. This remix unveils a window into the artist’s soul, extending a heartfelt invitation to listeners to accompany her on a fiery expedition toward redemption. Amidst our errant footsteps and misjudgments, Midi Kittyy’s “Ignis (Future House Remix)” serves as a testament to her artistic evolution, ceaselessly pushing boundaries while ensnaring hearts along the journey.

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