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“Kafka in Berlin: Thorax-Wach’s Sonic Séance Through Time and Techno”

By allenpetersonreviews Feb 12, 2024

Thorax-Wach, a duo shrouded in a four-decade hiatus, emerges from the shadows with an auditory masterpiece—“Kafka in Berlin.” Comprising the mysterious Olaf Kraemer and Frank Dieckmann, this electronic opus defies the constraints of time, offering a profound exploration into the enigmatic world of Franz Kafka.

Unveiled within the cover pages of Berlin’s ’80s musical narrative, Thorax-Wach engraved their name with neon-lit anthems such as “Kaum erdacht schon Mode” and “Euch geht’s ja noch viel zu gut.” Pioneers of techno innovation, the duo resurfaces after decades of clandestine discussions. Their return is not merely a revival; it’s an irresistible pull into the enigmatic realm that Kafka painted—a fusion of musical innovation and the alluring mysteries of the unknown.

“Kafka in Berlin” serves as a portal into the final year of Kafka’s literary luminary. Thorax-Wach, inspired by Kafka’s profound musings and set against the backdrop of societal unrest and technological murmurs, crafts a sonic tapestry that captures the essence of a bygone era while mirroring the pulse of our contemporary technological revolution.

The journey commences with a nod to history, incorporating samples from 1923—an era echoing with the whispers of change. Sentences plucked from Kafka’s diaries become both homage and anchor, weaving a seamless auditory voyage that transcends temporal boundaries.

The heartbeat of “Kafka in Berlin” resonates with a minimalist analog electronic sound, a testament to Thorax-Wach’s commitment to authenticity. Kraemer’s German lyrics, delicately whispered into the electronic ethers by Dieckmann, create a darkwave masterpiece. The music becomes a shadowy companion, offering not just sounds but profound insights into Kafka’s enigmatic world.

Embedded within the electronic cadence is a voice—an ethereal guide whispering prophecies, seamlessly navigating through each track like a mystical oracle. The album unfolds like chapters in a sci-fi novel, a sonic journey through uncharted realms, with the voice serving as the compass through the unexplored.

“Kafka in Berlin” defies genres; it transcends them. It seeks not just to recreate the sounds of 1923 Berlin but to reinterpret them in an electronic embrace. The result is an immersive experience, a journey that blurs the lines between past and present, inviting the listener to dwell in the haunting echoes of temporal dissonance.

As the album draws to a close with “Der Bau,” a contemplative curtain falls. The last notes linger like a fading heartbeat, leaving the listener in a meditative trance. The voyage through “Kafka in Berlin” is not just a musical pilgrimage; it’s a profound exploration of the shadows where literature, history, and electronic innovation converge.

In crafting “Kafka in Berlin,” Thorax-Wach has birthed more than an album. They’ve conjured a sonic séance—an immersive encounter with the spectral whispers of a literary giant. Step into the shadows, let the electronic waves cradle you, and allow “Kafka in Berlin” to be your guide through a realm where time and sound dance in an eternal embrace. This album is more than a sonic experience; it’s an exploration of the intricate threads that weave together the tapestry of art and innovation.

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