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“Harmony Unleashed: Decoding the Soulful Resonance of ‘What’s It Going to Take?’ by The Project feat. Mykele Hill”

"Over You"

As the highly anticipated debut album, “Best Days,” from the powerful supergroup The Project approaches, the release of their latest single, “What’s It Going to Take?” featuring the soul-stirring vocals of Mykele Hill adds a riveting chapter to their musical narrative. This sonic journey exudes the raw energy and authenticity reminiscent of rock ‘n’ roll’s golden era, promising an irresistibly engaging experience that serves as a perfect prelude to their upcoming album.

The inclusion of Mykele Hill in “What’s It Going to Take?” marks a bold exploration by The Project into uncharted musical territories. Mykele’s unique style, infused with emotional and soulful elements, seamlessly intertwines with the darker tones of The Project, creating a dynamic interplay that elevates the overall richness of the track.

Led by former Shameless lead guitarist James Davis, “What’s It Going to Take?” boasts a subtle, groovy bassline and an entertaining jazzy drumline. The rocking guitar work, complemented by Mykele Hill’s captivating vocals, crafts an instant classic, paying homage to the glory days of hard rock. The intricate guitar work, effortlessly shifting between heavy riffs and melodic folk-inspired tones, maintains a warm sound while preserving the song’s mellow emotional core.

From its inaugural notes, the song skillfully beckons listeners into an evocative journey, weaving a sonic tapestry that reverberates with the timeless allure of hard rock’s golden era. “What’s It Going to Take” emerges as the third gem from The Project, presenting a captivating blend of classic hard rock and pop rock that encapsulates a feel-good musical voyage.

Centered around the overarching theme of a tumultuous love story, the track navigates the universal challenge of comprehending the conclusion of a relationship. The chorus, a poignant crescendo, unfurls the narrative of a love affair that may have reached its inevitable end, leaving behind a trail of poignant memories. Mykele Hill’s vocal prowess reaches new heights, infusing the song with a profound sense of enduring agony that allows listeners to intimately connect with the narrator’s heartbreak. The opening line, “Sitting here alone on the edge of this bed where good love was made and dreams were all shared,” acts as a poignant prelude, setting the stage for an emotionally charged narrative.

The lyrics and vocals effortlessly evoke a poignant sense of unfulfilled longing, beckoning listeners to delve into the intricate emotional nuances of love and loss. “What’s It Going to Take?” not only serves as a testament to the individual strengths of each artist but also highlights the alchemical magic that transpires when diverse musical styles converge in collaborative harmony. This musical endeavor stands as a powerful testament to the boundless creative spirit that flourishes through collective artistry.

In essence, “What’s It Going to Take” by The Project feat. Mykele Hill is a masterful blend of rock brilliance and soulful depth. It transcends the boundaries of genre, inviting listeners on a sonic journey that explores the highs and lows of human emotion. As a prelude to their forthcoming debut album, this track sets a high standard for what we can expect from The Project, leaving us eagerly anticipating the “Best Days” that lie ahead in their musical journey.

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