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“GALACTOPUS” by Arson Whales

By allenpetersonreviews Oct13,2023

Arson Whales, the Sacramento-based quartet, shines with their latest offering, “Galactopus.” An album that defies categorization, it’s a masterpiece meant to be savored in one sitting. Led by the enchanting Linda Brancato, whose ethereal vocals and captivating guitar work meld seamlessly with synth craftsmanship, the band’s sonic journey is enriched by Joe Kimberlin’s expert lead guitar, complemented by Brad Penner’s robust basslines and Stephen Linn’s skillful drumming, occasionally accompanied by his own vocals. This album propels Arson Whales into a league of their own, offering a unique alternative sound that leaves an indelible mark.

The compilation “Galactopus,” comprising 11 tracks, ingeniously melds the captivating allure of synth electronic rock with the raw emotion typical of indie rock. Each song weaves a spellbinding tapestry, from the primal echoes of “Monkey Jar” to the captivating blend of “Upside Down,” all the way to the evocative culmination of “Blackhole.” This musical journey paints a profound auditory expedition, flawlessly uniting genres.

“Monkey Jar” beckons listeners to a primal realm, melding ancient echoes with modern melodies. The lyrics explore cycles of existence, a mastodon leaping through hoops, and a neolithic caveman’s temporal quest. Its captivating energy and haunting chorus create a sense of inevitability, leaving a lasting impression of our place in the grand tapestry of time.

“Upside Down” emerges as a captivating standout, its pulsating drumbeat forming a compelling core. Linda’s vocals intertwine seamlessly with a mesmerizing chorus arrangement, drawing listeners into its creative embrace. A fusion of electronic elements and entrancing piano melodies sets it apart, making it a true gem within the album’s tapestry.

Closing the album, “Blackhole” leaves a profound impact, blending rhythmic cadences with a touch of retro allure. Vocals adopt subtle gothic elements, while the band’s signature pop essence remains intact. This song encapsulates sound evolution, breathing new life into familiar passages with a powerful synth resonance. A fitting conclusion, it showcases the band’s audacity to explore uncharted sonic territory within their distinct musical fabric. Arson Whales’ “Galactopus” is an enchanting odyssey, resonating long after the music fades.

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