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By allenpetersonreviews Dec27,2023

“FA-2: A Labyrinth Made of Labyrinths” by Fallen Astronaut is a captivating electronic music album influenced by deep sky objects and regions. Each instrumental track, named after an astronomical phenomenon, immerses the audience in a world of wonder and awe.

The album’s masterful songs capture the essence of celestial wonders, from the ethereal melodies of “Abell 1201” to the dreamlike ambience of “Mira.” Throughout the journey, the rich musical textures and atmospheric soundscapes depict the magnificence of the cosmos.

Fallen Astronaut’s mastery of story and emotional expression without the use of lyrics shines through in “FA-2: A Labyrinth Made of Labyrinths.” Tracks like “The Einstein Cross” and “Bullet Cluster” use electronic arrangements to capture the excitement and drama of astronomical events. “Cooling Tower” provides a brief moment of relief, while “Hercules Void” explores an enigmatic void.

The cosmic symphony of “The Cygnus Loop” reflects the immensity of nebulae and stellar remains. The album’s journey concludes with the title track, “Zone of Avoidance,” leaving a sense of mystery and excitement as it ventures into undiscovered territory outside of the observable universe.

As an ode to the wonders of the universe, “FA-2: A Labyrinth Made of Labyrinths” demonstrates Fallen Astronaut’s capacity to create memorable narratives through musical compositions. Each tune engages the imagination and sense of wonder, acting as a doorway into a breathtaking cosmic realm.

This captivating electronic music album transports its audience on a cosmic journey, expertly capturing the essence of deep-sky objects and regions with celestial-themed songs and ethereal soundscapes. The craftsmanship of Fallen Astronaut provides a musical experience that envelops listeners in the wonders and secrets of the universe.

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