Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Experience the Intense Energy of ‘Burn’ by Flux Corporation: A Hard Rock Powerhouse

Flux Corporation, a collaboration between American guitarist and songwriter Ace Parlier and Italian drummer-producer Mattia Degli Agosti, has unleashed “Burn,” their fourth hard-hitting single that’s causing a stir in Cincinnati and beyond. This latest release stands as a testament to their musical prowess and a bold statement in the hard rock genre.

Despite their concise discography, comprising just four singles, Parlier and Agosti bring a wealth of experience to the table. Ace Parlier, renowned for his work with The Malevolent and Chaos Ritual, infuses “Burn” with his signature intense guitar riffs and raw energy. Mattia Degli Agosti, known for collaborations with artists like John Qualcosa and Kapre d’Acciaio, contributes his expert drumming and production finesse, ensuring a powerful and polished final product.

Following the acclaim of their 2023 hits “Whatever Dreams May Come” and “Bail,” Flux Corporation reaffirms their prowess in delivering dynamic rock music with “Burn.” This single evokes a nostalgic homage to classic 70s rock while incorporating a contemporary twist that blends vivid imagery and cutting-edge soundscapes. From their primal origins to their exploration of virtual realms, “Burn” emanates a visceral and electrifying energy that is both compelling and powerful.


Right from the outset, the distorted guitars twist and grind, establishing a relentless groove that digs deep into the listener’s psyche. Agosti’s masterful drumming drives a relentless rhythm, punctuated by shimmering cymbals that send chills with every strike. Together, they create a soundscape that’s mesmerizing and powerful.

Ace Parlier’s vocal performance captivates with a powerful mix of raw energy and magnetic charm. His rugged delivery and evocative lyrics strike a chord, delivering an intense experience that embodies the song’s dynamic unpredictability and profound emotional resonance.

The bridge elevates the track to new heights, introducing a simmering guitar line beneath the distortion that adds a layer of mysterious allure. As the guitars build into a whirlwind of swirling bends, the song leaves a lingering hunger for more.

Produced by Mattia Degli Agosti, “Burn” exudes sophistication and ferocity in equal measure. It highlights the duo’s musical prowess and artistic maturity while maintaining a raw, unbridled energy that resonates long after the final note. It’s akin to controlled passion beneath a composed surface—an intense force that demands attention.

Flux Corporation’s “Burn” stands as a formidable testament to their presence in the hard rock scene. With its high-octane guitar work, relentless rhythm section, and authoritative vocals, “Burn” is a track that demands to be both heard and felt firsthand.

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