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Dave and Central Cee – sprinter

By allenpetersonreviews Nov3,2023

With “Sprinter,” star U.K. rappers Dave and Central Cee are giving their American counterparts a run for their money. The pair float all over the soft guitar-driven, borderline-drill beat, with witty and clever lines (“With Bae through thick and thin, she’s already thick, so I’m halfway there,” spits Dave, while Central Cee adds, “She’s a feminist; she thinks I’m sexist; twisting my words, I think she’s dyslexic”). The spontaneity of “Sprinter,” which surprise-dropped ahead of its parent EP, Split Decision, also adds to its appeal, as the two rappers not only flex their rhymes but their effortless chemistry, making for a splashy return for Dave and continuing Central Cee’s hot streak. CYDNEY LEE

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