Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Cleo Sol Performs ‘Airplane’ on ‘Later… with Jools Holland’

Cleo Sol recently made an appearance on “Later with Jools Holland,” showcasing tracks from her latest album, “Heaven.” Dressed in an elegant chocolate brown ensemble, the emerging soul artist enthralled audiences with a captivating performance of “Airplane,” backed by a talented band.

Additionally, she delved into her well-received 2021 project, “Mother,” offering a heartfelt rendition of the track “Sunshine.” “Airplane” is a standout single from Cleo Sol’s “Heaven,” which marked the first of her two album releases this year. Released on September 15, this nine-track collection was expertly produced by her frequent collaborator, Inflo.

Expressing her gratitude, Sol took to Instagram, stating, “The release of my album ‘Heaven’ is a moment I cherish deeply. Crafting this music is a sacred process for me, and I’m immensely thankful for the continuous support. Music is a divine gift, and I remain deeply appreciative.” She further acknowledged Inflo’s influence, saying, “Flo, your unwavering support and creative guidance have been instrumental. Your push, especially during moments of resistance, has been pivotal for my growth.”

Following closely in September, Cleo Sol unveiled “Gold,” another compelling 10-track album helmed by the adept hands of Inflo. These releases build upon the foundation laid by 2021’s “Mother,” a soul-stirring album that encapsulated her journey into motherhood.

Reflecting on this transformative phase, Sol shared insights about “Mother” in an Instagram post, mentioning, “Becoming a mother has profoundly impacted me, offering unparalleled joy, growth, and inspiration that shaped this album’s creation. Embracing this new chapter, ‘Mother’ emerged as a testament to this beautiful journey.”

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